Time to Close the Pyramids


What is wrong with people? Really? That’s what today is. This sacred day… ha ha ha.

A massive problem with the human brain is that our brain is self important and believes that we are the center of the universe. Because it is the center of our perception, it believe that the whole universe is oriented around our perception, giving us the feeling that we are the center of everything.

Sorry to say, we are not. There is no center point of the universe. That’s just an metaphor.

Additionally, there is no absolute time – AT. There is only the human created idea of time – HT.  HT – human time is a metaphor. Time is a human concept. Time is a story. Time is a metaphor that we are completely unconscious of – until “special, magical, significant, spiritual” patterns seem to appear.

Our brains are wired to see patterns – make up theories regarding those patterns – and take those theories to be reality.

To think that our “sense” of time is reality create a strange and crazy world of god filled rooms and  space / time absolutes. We believe in the myth of absolute truths. But all absolutes that have ever been created – are made up. They are myths and metaphors.

The fact is that we humans create our own myths and metaphors, and believe those myths and metaphors to be absolute and real.

Time is made up. Time is up. Time is down. Time is in front. Time is in back. Time is a fabrication of an easily tricked consciousness that takes time as “real”.  There is nothing more sacred about 11.11.11 than there is about any other human time created in the universe.

There is no perfect time. No ideal time. Even the idea of “now” and living in the now is all metaphorical. Now is created by the human brain.

Now is an idea. That’s why spiritual people STRUGGLE so hard to “quiet the mind” and live in the now.

There is no now. Now is a metaphor. It’s an attempt to describe a feeling/sensation. But you can’t get “there” because now exists no more than a face “exists” in a cloud.

If we want to get our head together, we have to understand that everything we believe – and even operate on as if it was true – is a complete and total myth.

We believe that everything we feel and experience is “real” – even though there is no direct experience of everything. Everything is brought in by the senses, process heavily by the brain.

In a nutshell: is a complete and total fabrication that people believe to be real. Time is a metaphor, a symbolic way of communicating with other people, not a tangible, 3D reality.