A New Symbolic Language

symbolic god

8 years ago, I had a “pop” – it was a moment of acquiring a new language. It was the moment when I suddenly realized that all religions and spiritualities were SYMBOLIC MYTHS. Through thousands of hours of meditation and scientific exploration of my brain, I unintentionally acquired a new symbolic language.God like Santa Clause, unequivocally, is a symbolic myth, a childlike story.

Even the simplest belief, “if you think it, it can happen”, is childlike thinking about an “invisible world.” All of our beliefs that our words effect reality – including The Secret – is part of the magical thinking of childhood that we have yet to grow out of.

Here’s the problem. I was a spiritual teacher at the time. I was a true believer. But in that “popping” moment, I got SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE.

My life has never been the same. I lost all my students. Lost a best friend. Why? Because  I don’t “believe” in anything. Nothing. No philosophical BS. No religious BS. Nothing. And not in some existential way – which is just another myth – but in a clarity kind of way.

I just see life clearly – with no added myths, no added symbolic stories.

Additionally, in understanding the mythological basis of God, religions, etc, I can piercingly dismantle anybody’s mythological belief system.

I have several friends who are cult leaders (aka spiritual teachers) who have been trying to convert me back – but I can’t be converted by a cult anymore. I understand the mythological basis of cults, god, religion, faith, and belief…

Through meditation and scientific observation of my own brain, from the inside out, I have developed a new language – a new way of thinking about religion and god – that has completely taken god away.

It’s like Santa Clause – once we cross that hump of absolute belief in Santa – and discover it’s a story, a myth – we can never go back. It doesn’t matter if a thousand kids vehemently scream at us that Santa is real (think evangelists) – once we understand the truth, we simply can’t go back. It’s literally impossible (unless you were to sufferer sever brain trauma).

Something has changed in the deep synaptic structures of my brain.

However, the other problem I face is this: I find myself living in a world of god-imbeciles – 7 billion strong – all arguing that their childlike view of their Santa Clause god is the right, true, just god.

We live on a planet of adult children who lack the faculty of adult thinking. Our thinking, our feelings, our core beliefs are all colored by our childlike faith in the magical, invisible force we call God.

I realized that I have distinctions and words that make it completely clear that God is a myth, but the rest of the world is using a tiny vocabulary – and that vocabulary is keeping their thinking childlike and backwards – in the dark ages that I used to live in before acquiring symbolic language.

Lastly, I felt like my life with God was a living hell. Tortured, miserable, searching for tiny signs, trying to be a good person,  to get my reward someday, unhappy, unsexed, stressed out, searching for the right path.

Life after God has been AMAZING, clear, peaceful, warm, loving, open, fun, sensual.  It’s been 8 years, and it just keeps getting better and better.