Does Being a Spiritual Person Give you the Right to Kill folks?

If you play the role of authority figure, then you must be held responsible as the authority figure. Take the issue of James Ray. He’s the authority figure – creator of the “Spiritual Warrior” training – that left 3 people dead and scores injured.

James Ray is an authority figure telling people to do something that ultimately caused them or others to die. It’s abuse. It’s cultish brainwashing, and it’s negligence. At worst, manslaughter. He needs to be held responsible.

I’m sure he  thought he was beyond reproach, above the mere mortal human, and nothing bad could happen under his watchful eye. I mean he’s “in touch”with the flow of the universe right. James Ray know’s what’s best for you and me.

I’m sure he’s a trained medical professional who knows exactly what will help you and me “break through” the illusions amd fears that are holding us back.

But his self-important story has crumbled like soft rock beneath his egotistical, abusive feet.

Here’s the problem with all this spiritual, new age, mumbo jumbo: when you live in mythology land, you think the rules of science don’t apply. As if you can defy the laws of nature because of your spiritual piety. Not. Sorry folks. All roads lead to the truth that you and I will die. Just like the other 90 billion who have come and gone before us.

Contrary to popular, new age drivel,  you and I are mammals, and we love to make up — and believe — lots of crazy stories.  Just because you believe you’re a tree doesn’t make you a tree. Just because you believe you have spiritual superiority doesn’t mean that you actually have some kind of special juju. You are a mammal, and regardless of what you believe, you are just like everybody else who has ever lived and died on planet earth. And I do mean everybody.

Insecure, power hungry, ego-maniacs should be held responsible for death under their watch – especially if it’s obfuscated by spirituality and spiritual ideas.

You don’t have free will or free choice if you are being subjected to cultish – brainwashing practices. You may think you have a choice, but you don’t. There is no free will when it comes to a week long cult event. People were brainwashed, and they were unable to stand up to James Ray.

James Ray is a new age marketer. A good one at that — charging $9000.00  a person. He’s not a “spiritual” person. He’s a marketer who thinks he has spiritual or moral authority. A marketer needs to be held responsible for the results of his events.

There is a university study on electrocution – where students were told by an authority figure that he  or she has to increase the voltage on the person being electrocuted.  The study showed that a majority of all people would electrocute another person, and watch them writhe in pain, as long as there is an authority figure was there – ordering them to do it.

Moral authority overrides rationality. The actor, being “electrocuted” even begged the student to stop, but students, under the influence of the authority figure, turned up the voltage.

I’m sure you think you would be different, that this couldn’t happen to you. But I would say to you, you probably have never been under the influence of cult, brainwashing practices. It’s frightening what you can get other people to do to themselves and others in the name of moral authority and superiority.

Spirituality doesn’t give you a pass to kill people, abuse children,  or molest kids.  James Ray is not living in reality. I guess it’s too mundane for him. He has to make a bunch of stuff up to get people to give him 9000 bucks.

Well, I guess that James Ray is about to get a good dose of reality.

I wonder if the universe will be on his side. The side of manslaughter.


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