If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Not.

Just because you can conceive it, doesn’t mean that you can achieve it.

There are lots of things that people conceive of that don’t or wont happen.

There is typical bullshit, new age mythology that is out there, and the mythology is that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Of course this is absolutely absurd if you think about it critically on any level.

The problem for us, especially with the human brain as the interpreter, is that we tend to not conceive clearly. We don’t filter our conceptions. And so what would be more accurate to say is that if you can conceive it, you can believe that you can achieve it, regardless of data that is counter that belief.

So I was ending a conversation yesterday with somebody who I would call a true believer, and she and I had an appointment at 3:00. I did not actually connect with this person until 5:15. When I asked her why, she said, well, you know, I was just flowing with the universe, and the universe at that time gave me time to breath and relax, because I was stuck in traffic, and I couldn’t do anything about it. So I just flowed. I figured I would get here when I get here.

Now that is an interesting philosophy, it’s an interesting idea. It’s definitely an idea that diminishes stress in your life, but it isn’t all that helpful with dealing with 3D reality. If somebody is behaving in that kind of way, you can be assured that there are lots of other areas of their lives that are not functioning all that well. In fact, when we did finally connect and speak about the kinds of things that were going on in her life, one of those things that she said is that the universe would give her the answer about what to do in her life is she waited long enough.

So she was getting all this energy and clarity, but it was not necessarily translating into reality. And she’d be like, okay universe, okay, I get your point. I said to her, I don’t get the point. What is the point of a universe giving you clarity and ideas or insights, and then not helping you make them come true. Her answer to that was that the universe was teaching her patience. What fucking bullshit.

It’s not the universe teaching you patience – it’s that the source of your information is your brain, and your brain doesn’t know shit about much of anything outside of its little sphere of reality.

And of course, there is the bullshit idea of patience as a spiritual virtue. It reminds me of the joke about patience that I used to tell in camp. The general idea is that there is a guy, wandering through the desert with a thirsty and hungry donkey. Everytime the donkey would ask “are we there yet?”,  the man would reply, “patience, my ass.”

That’s kind of what I think. Patience. My Ass! Patience is a way of conveying to gullible people to be chill until they get to heaven. Just have patience and god will reveal everything. Whatever. If you stay stupid for long enough, something is bound to happen in spite of your stupidity that you will either call a miracle or a punishment, depending on the outcome.

So as my friend is coming up with her answer about the universe teaching her patience, I, myself am seeing through this very clear lens.  I see this over and over again with spiritual, religious, or even, non-spiritual, people, with this superstitious way of looking at life.  So, instead of a person looking at her life clearly and saying, “I had a discussion with a different aspect of my brain – that made a bunch of shit up”, she believes that it is “spirit” talking to her.

Of course, it’s really just a different part of your brain – perhaps, the right brain or the deep brain or the blended brain or the emotional brain. But it’s all your brain, and therefore a different type of communication from your rational, pre-frontal cortex thinking brain.

All that tells you is that you had a conversation with a different part of your brain, but that part of your brain is not related nor based in any kind of three-dimensional reality, necessarily.

This is the thing that people really get confused on, and I want you to see this clearly — you have thousands, if not, tens of thousands of problems a day.  Very few of them reach your conscious mind.  Those that reach your conscious mind, are not necessarily accurate representations of the three-dimensional reality.  If you were to really look at your thoughts you would see that they are wrong most, if not all, of the time.

As I was understanding this and dismantling this particular problem in my own perceptual reality, I used the filter that my brain was wrong 100% of the time. Period. I found that if I looked at my perceptions and feelings in that way, it helped me to put my thoughts and beliefs and fears into perspective.  Because the things that people spend a lot of time freaking out about are erroneous and irrelevant – which creates a lot of stress unnecessarily.

So, the filter that I’ve began to look at my life through was more like a filter of this thought is irrelevant and really has no relationship to the three-dimensional reality at all.  You have thousands, tens of thoughts of thoughts, none of which affect three-dimensional reality.  There are a very few percentage of your thoughts that come through to your conscious mind and affect your behavior, which, in turn, will affect three-dimensional reality.  But that, quite frankly, is completely random.  If you can relax into this understanding, all of the sudden the whole relationship between the invisible world and the physical world, which is the whole basis of any kind of spirituality, spiritual reality, or religious belief system — is ridiculous. if you understand that there is no relationship, then you can see clearly that your thoughts are your thoughts produced by a three-pound organ in your head. That is the generator of insanity.

Thoughts truly have no relationship to reality.  Thoughts are symbols in your head. Symbols in your head are a byproduct of a brain that needs to operate very efficiently.

If you ever saw the original Star Trek – The Movie, you will remember that there was a something called VGER that was traveling around the universe devouring everything in its path. This is not very effective for trying to understand reality. Your brain, unlike VGER, just creates an efficient symbol of reality.

Thinking is just a symbolic activity within your brain. A form of noise. Unfortunately the human brain thinks that that activity is related to physical life – it thinks it’s doing something more akin to VGER – however, it’s not. Your brain is devouring reality, by creating little symbols, representations in your head. These symbols feel 3D, and appear to be coming from “out there”, but that’s simply because of the brain tissue that is being used in the processing of symbols, thoughts, is also the same brain tissue that is being used to map and navigate actual three-dimensional reality.

This is really a key concept. That’s why your thoughts feel real. There is no separate system in your brain that maps internal reality. In other words, you brain is co-opting the tissues for sorting and making sense of external reality, using that to assemble symbols and thoughts.

There’s just one brain. The brain uses, or has multiple uses, for various parts of itself. If you have a specific brain tissue that is related to, let’s say, depth perception, that part of the brain is not isolated, it isn’t closed off and only allowed perceives three dimensional depth. Rather, it’s also used in other processes. If you have a thought that is utilizing some that that tissue that’s involved in depth perception you’re going to have the sensation that your thought is happening in actual three dimensional depth and is therefore happening in real reality – in front of you. This would be an incorrect perception, but it would feel real to you, and you would probably be willing to bet on the accuracy of this perception. Either way, you would be incorrect. It feels real, but it isn’t.

This is why eventually virtual reality will occur, because at some point we’re going to utilize and be able to hack the various areas of the brain directly. Once they’re mapped in generalities you’ll be able to use the brain to directly produce the illusion of three-dimensional reality, which is essentially already happening with your thoughts.

Your thoughts are virtual reality because they give you the illusion that they are happening in space and time, but the only reason they give you that illusion is because you are forced to process thought data with brain tissue that has multiple uses – including mapping your 3-D reality.

There really is no way around that. By being stuck with job specific brain tissue you’re stuck with virtual reality feeling of all thoughts. We are virtual reality machines.