It’s a theory of God

We actually have it ass backwards.  What a surprise.

We call it the theory of evolution, but we speak of God as if it is a universal absolute.  So, if we’re going to deal with and talk about theories, what we should talk about is the theory of God.

The theory of God is not based science, but based completely on conjecture and intangible, ineffable experiences that demand faith and trust.  The theory of evolution is, however, based on science. Theory, the way science uses it, represents a way of looking at tangible reality with an analytic structure that is designed to explain an set of empirical observations.  A scientific theory is an explanation that has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of empirical evidence. The beauty is that you can make predictions based on the theory that explains why things are the way they are, and that theory will be proven out — or thrown away.

That’s the beauty of a scientific theory. If it doesn’t work, it’s thrown away.   So, when we are saying the theory of evolution, we’re really talking about the proven science of evolution.  When we talk about God however, we are speaking in terms of psudo-absolutes, which are really based on conjecture, bizarre ideas, and mythologies.  God is really a bunch of belief systems.

We have it backwards.  God is the theory. God is the made-up stuff. God is the stuff you have to take on belief and faith.  You don’t have to have faith in evolution.  Evolution is – regardless of what you believe.

Evolution is based on basic principals, and they’re not debatable.  It’s not debatable whether or not you were born. If you are reading this, you were born.  You were not born through immaculate conception, but rather your parents had sex. Sex is key in creating variation. It is not debatable whether or not you inherited some of your mother and some of your father.  You are a mix of heritable traits of both of them – not an exact duplicate of either. You are, by definition a mutation. These heritable traits are passed along over time. Some of these mutations or adaptations will be helpful in allowing you and yours to survive through time. Every part of every living thing, from seed to spine is the result of little adaptations built up over long periods of time. Wow. Shocking huh.

And so there it is — your “big, nasty, evil theory of evolution”.  There’s nothing debatable there.  All of those things are true.  Evolution is based on science.  Science is replicable.  You can posit an idea, and you can see if the evidence supports that. Evolution is based on observable science.  That’s what’s so cool.  You can look at the scientific record, you can look at 100s of years of — you can see very clearly, based on that science, that the evidence supports the “theory”.

When you posit God however, you posit a conceptual idea. This is made obvious by simply asking 100 different people what God is. You will get 100 completely different ideas, because God is made up in your brain. Clearly we are all wired to see/feel/believe in God, but where we go wrong is thinking that therefore a real God did the wiring.

The feeling and belief in a God is a brain adaptation that has been co-opted by religion and mythology. The God awareness in our brain clearly served some other purpose in our evolutionary past that is now long gone. But in the past five thousand years, religion has managed to take over that network of brain cells, calling it true, factual, unseen reality. God.

Now, when it comes to God, God is simply a bunch of crazy people throughout history having hallucinations – a fire in the brain. Look, all you have to do is look around a tiny bit and you realize that the human brain has some problems.  Just talk to folks a bit and you realize that people are kinda crazy. Well it’s really the brain that’s crazy. It’s not well designed. In fact it’s not designed at all. We just have to live and deal with a bunch of adaptations and mutations that are good enough.

The brain is messed up. We have a hard time distinguishing sensations as coming from inside of us because our brain is oriented toward the outside external world.  That makes sense, of course, because that is what is most “dangerous” is the outside world, and so the outside world is where your brain processing power goes.  But, we have a really hard time making that distinction, so if we feel a feeling inside, it is very easy to project that feeling as coming from outside.  Now, whether that is a spiritual feeling or a feeling you have about a relationship or a person, the situation is identical.

We often times have feelings, triggered from symbols and then chemistry from inside of us, and yet we project those feelings as being caused or coming from another person – outside of us.
In fact, in some ways there are things that are triggered by situations, people and events outside of us, but not in the mystical sense. Rather that person becomes a representation or a symbol for something that is really good and that makes us feel loved and honored, trusted and all that stuff, or something that is really bad where we feel unsafe and unloved and hurt and all of that kind of “relationship stuff.”

The bottom line is that it is all emotional sensation coming from inside.  The same is true when it comes to God.  So, if you have a spiritual experience, this is chemistry and beautiful sensations coming out of the brain, but it is so easy to interpret that as being real actual factual, coming from a mystical world out there.  But, it’s not.  It’s all in your head.  That is the amazing thing.  It appears real, but it’s not.

So, we talk of this theory of evolution, especially if you have a religious background, you just sort of scoff at it and lift your nose and it’s like oh, it’s just a theory, but we speak of God with reverence because we feel it inside of ourselves, and many of us have this relationship with God.  In fact, you are having a relationship, but it’s with your brain, and you can access beautiful parts of your brain, sublime parts of your brain, including God parts of your brain, but that is not to say that there is a God, it is simply to say that there are spaces that you can touch inside the brain that make you feel as though you are connected to something bigger than you.

In deep meditation, it can feel as if you are speaking to some profound father figure or mother figure or deity oriented figure.  This is wired into your brain, but that doesn’t make it real, and you can verify this by taking your connection with God or Jesus, and you can ask a very specific question, one that you wouldn’t have the answer to.  One that your brain  doesn’t have the answer to. You don’t want to trick yourself.  You want to do this as a piece of scientific experimentation — so, you can ask a question like what are tonight’s winning lotto numbers, what is the next geopolitical event that is going to happen in the next week, where is that going to happen and when specifically. So, you can ask God specific questions, and take notes.  Be scientific about this.  Take specific notes, dates, times, locations, and notice how what you imagine in your head, when you’re talking to God, doesn’t happen.  Not if you nail it down and be specific.  Of course if you’re dealing with absurd generalities, like will there be an earthquake — that proves nothing.? Of course there will be an earthquake.  I’m sure that even while you are reading this there is an earthquake going on somewhere.  But let’s deal with specifics.  When specifically will the next earthquake occur in California?  When and where specifically will the next major explosion in Baghdad occur?  Be real specific, times, dates, exactly when, and you will see very quickly that your hallucination is just that. A hallucination of God. It is not verifiable.  To me, this is the simplest test of God theory:  is it verifiable?

Now, the theory of evolution, we can make specific predictions that will prove out.  We can predict that you’re going to go down in strata and be able to see, if you look at the geological record, exactly how the geological record is formed and what you’re going to find there. This stuff is really straightforward, and we have massive amounts of information that come from those predictions and empirical observations.  Vast amounts of information.  Information that is currently helping us understand our planet, that’s helping us understand global warming, disease patterns, weather patterns, oceanic patterns, tidal patterns, glacial patterns.  These are all crucial in helping us understand and protect life.

You can’t do that with God.  There are no patterns. There is no reason. It’s all God’s greater plan bullshit that is beyond our ability to understand. Whatever. Get a life.   Here’s a simple test for your hallucinated God. I have a number written down.  I’ve had it written down for five years and it’s in the same location.  Ask your god what that number is and e-mail it to me.  If you get that number right, I will come and talk to you, I’ll blog about you, I will write about you, I’ll videotape about you, I will even write a book about you, if you can reliably and predictably, repeatedly talk to God and come up the specific answers that I have written down and locked in a safe deposit box.  So, I have a number.  Anybody’s welcome to tell me what that number is.  In the meantime, until that happens, and you don’t have some lame-ass excuse like, well, God doesn’t need to prove himself; bullshit.  Every theory needs to prove itself.  That is the whole point.  In fact, when people are trying to disembowel evolution, they go, euh, well, you can’t prove this, you can’t do that, you can’t do that.  But God you must take on faith.  No, enough of this horse shit.  Time to grow up.  We have it ass-backwards.  It is a theory or belief system of God, but it an actual law of evolution.  These are laws.  They’re predictable, they’re reproducible, and that’s the difference.  I want you to think about the things that you have taken as laws in your life that are not really laws.  That are abstractions and feelings and chemicals and ideas and “connections” to the infinite, which are no more provable than the color of the air.  You know, there’s nothing there.  And yet we behave as if there is something there.  But again, I ask you: use your brain. Deal with rationality and rationale.  Use your rational brain to make predictions in your conversations with God and see if in fact they come true.  If they don’t, it’s time to question your theory of God.

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