Louisiana has Forced It’s Science Head UP It’s Creationist Ass…



It seems Louisiana Lawmakers are unable to let go of the Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act which has existed since 1981. The act insists that if schools teach evolution science, then they have to teach creationism non-sense.


The desperation of keeping the act intact makes sense since religion is built on a deck of cards that’s so flimsy – it falls down pretty much every second of every day.


That being said, it’s beyond absurd that we, and more importantly lawmakers, are still discussing this at all. Creationism is a myth – a nonsensical story that has the value of a two thousand year old piece of sewer pipe.


It’s the equivalent of saying that Spiderman web theory needs to be taught as part of a fair and balanced teaching of gravitational theory. Afterall, Spiderman does defy gravity. Oh wait. I’m sorry. Spiderman isn’t real? What? Who cares! We will teach it anyway since nobody ever writes lies or stories. So the stories in the bible couldn’t possibly be completely made up ravings of mentally ill, delusional writers who heard booming voices in their heads.


Nope. That’s not possible.


Anyway, I seriously puked in my mouth when I read this story, because it was  ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1987 as a violation of the First Amendment.  It’s 2013 peeps. Time to wake  up and smell yourselves. Creationism smells like bulls*#t because it is bulls*#t.