Memes, Delusions, and Plato

What You Don’t Know

In this blog, I will share with you some thoughts that I have regarding a conversation with a friend of mine who is firmly convinced that God and the angels are talking to him. And yet, he is stupefied when what “they” tell him doesn’t work out.
The human mind is in a delusional state. We are all forced to deal with the paradox of our experience of external reality as it combines and mixes with our experience of internal reality – the world of feelings. The paradox is is that your internal reality often feels more real than external reality. This is partially because there’s no intermediary with a direct, internal, feeling experience. When you have an experience generated by your brain and directly experienced by your brain, you’re automatically left with this very profound sense of seeing a reality that feels more than real.
Now this is the key to understand: Many people in human history see and feel things inside of their own head – they have an inner experience – that they perceive as real. They then take action upon these “inner visions” because it feels hyper real – more real than real. You’ll see references to this in religious materials from all over the world. You’ll see references to this throughout human history, where people have insights and ah-has that are more real than real – and therefore treated as pointers towards ultimate reality.
Great stories have come out of these experiences; massive spiritual insights. Entire religions have been started by people who have had seemingly more real than real experiences in their own head. These experiences are so powerful and profound, of course, that literally people change their entire reality — they will change the direction of their lives, jobs, relationships –  because of this “something inside” that tells them that this is what they need to do. So here’s the big question of the day. There’s no question that you’re going to experience things inside of you that feel more real than real, and you have two options to handle this:

1. Go with the experience, enjoy it, appreciate it like you would appreciate a fine glass of wine – or admire a great piece of art, or sit back and relax and watch a good movie. If you enjoy the experience in this way, then essentially you get to drink the juice that that experience gives you.

2. You take that experience as three-dimensional reality – truth with a capitol T, just like Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha did – as well as so many other ancient and modern misguided religious figures throughout history. But here’s the catch; if you take the visions as real, as truth, you are in fact, lost.
Like so many of our religious leaders that have come before us, they have taken these more than real experiences as absolute reality.
Part of the problem comes from Plato who came up with the general idea that the external reality was not important, and that the real reality, the true reality, is the inner, unseen reality that’s lurking behind life. It is the energy behind the form that is important.
This idea is what is called a meme. It’s a meme that is extremely strong and as a result, all modern humans are dealing with the result of this virus of a meme – the idea that there is an external reality and an internal reality. The key mess here is that the only reality that should be valued is the internal reality – the essence of a thing.
This meme gives credence to a delusional brain and insane thinking.
Internal reality is experienced as more than real, so therefore people think that it actually is more than real.
What makes it more than real is the fact that it’s a brain hack. You’re own brain hacks the processing resources of your brain to have a direct experience. There are no senses to filter through. It’s just direct feelings being activated from the inside system. There’s no signal break down, it’s just a direct digital to digital reproduction, if you will, which by definition is going to make it seem more than real.
When you have a direct transfer there is literally no loss. That is what people are experiencing when they are having internal visions and experiences. But the mistake that we all make is in thinking that the imagined, hallucinated, delusional, internal experience is reality — 3D reality. That’s a mistake.
Here’s the way out of the loop. Your job is to enjoy that experience while making the distinction that it is nothing more than an experience. The only way you can penetrate this reality is to sit down, talk to God, or whoever your inner reality mentor is — and get very specific, verifiable data – like the winning lotto numbers for tonight. If you challenge your hallucinations with 3D factual reality, you can very quickly see that there is no actual basis to your inner visions – other than cheap entertainment – which is cool by me.
All you have to do is ask your inner God or your inner angel for the winning lotto numbers and you will very quickly find that you can’t get them. Here you are, supposedly talking to the most powerful being in the universe, and you can’t pick the right numbers. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and ask yourself, “why is it that I can’t get winning lotto numbers if I’m talking directly to God?”
For that matter, no God seems to be good at predicting much of anything – except the obvious. So God, or more specifically, the God delusion in your brain is no better at picking a winning stock than a monkey throwing darts – which if you are listening to the drivel in your head, is you. You are the monkey throwing darts. There is no difference. You are both doing what everybody else is doing — taking a shot in the dark. Why is that? It’s because you’re talking to your own delusional God voice in your head. And, stop the presses, there is no other. God, the feeling of God, is nothing more than your brain in some kind of altered state. Yup. Drugs. Natural ones, but drugs none the less…
So, the reality is that the second you lose touch with reality and you begin thinking that your reality is the reality, that your hallucination is correct, that is the moment where you have slipped into what I call religious or spiritual induced delusional syndrome.
That is where your delusion of your inner reality that feels more real then real begins to be taken as reality and you slip into a delusional state.  So it is very important to recognize delusional reality versus 3D reality.  It doesn’t matter that you believe that you can walk on water or walk through a wall.  It is fine, if you want to have that experience in this hallucinated or direct experience reality, that is a beautiful thing.  If you then go out into the world and expect the three dimensional world to behave that way you are now in delusional reality.
Now unfortunately most of the world is in this delusional reality.  It is a very big problem.  We couch delusional thinking in terms of religion, so people can get away with a lot of stuff simply because they’re “religious” or they “believe in Jesus” or whatever it is.  As a christian society, we tend to give folks a lot of leeway in the name of Jesus. That’s because we are ourselves are all stuck in this delusional reality consisting of the possibility that well, maybe, Jesus does exist, maybe there is this invisible reality, maybe there is a guy who reads my every thought telepathically.  Maybe the  mime that Plato spoke of is correct.
So by even entertaining idea of the invisible man who gives a shit about every hair on your head, you open yourself up to this bizarre world  — and I do mean a twisted world of pain and confusion and suffering.  It is only when you see clearly, when you can begin to see the difference between a hallucinated reality and an actual reality that your life will begin to get very, very simple.
As it turns out, it is very simple when you see clearly, when you look out in front of you.  Not at the map that you were given mommy, daddy, and religion, but three dimensional reality. And suddenly, life gets very simple.  In three dimensional reality you keep your hands on the steering wheel and you stay between the white and or yellow lines on the road.  You keep your foot on the gas peddle and you’re prepared to step on the brakes.  In delusional reality you expect to fly or blink your eyes or imagine that there is an alien race that already has the technology of transportation or transmutation.  You imagine a reality where there are people who can do the far out things that they claim to do.  Instead of just seeing clearly and going, you know what, that is all a bunch of BS, because it is.
That is all it is and there has never really been proof of anything other then that people are quite crazy. This is the thing you have to keep in mind.
The brain is stuck in delusional thinking, and it may be millennia until we are able to break the delusionary thinking patterns. Perhaps one day technology will help, but that’s still quite a ways away.
So for this reason, I say to my friend, ask God for winning lotto numbers, and if you don’t get them, then forget the whole thing.