Occupy Pleasure

Here’s my big question today: what is the opposite of pleasure?
This week I thought I would share a frame shift that I use in sessions and in workshops. It’s a powerful change in the way we view our sexuality, our bodies and our pleasure.Let me first say that, if you are like a majority of the people of the world, you have been brainwashed by the principal behind your answer above – that the opposite of pleasure is pain.

For most of us, we have been completely dis-empowered by religious ideas about pleasure, ideas that have embedded themselves in our consciousness, regardless of whether or not we were raised in a religious environment.

We all know how much Jesus, oops, I mean Mythra, wait, uh, Horus, no Krishna, suffered for our sins. This spiritual brainwashing is intended to keep us in the delusion that feeling bad, in fact suffering, is a good thing. Just shut up and accept your miserable lot in life, you sinning, sexual bitches.

Black and white thinking regarding pleasure implies our deepest, uncomfortable feelings about feeling good. We know we can have moments of pleasure – but anxiously await the invisible pleasure-hall-monitors to drop the other shoe of pain and suffering upon us.

I ask you to consider this: the opposite of pleasure is more pleasure.

The idea I’m asking us to try on is that we can continue to expand our limited ideas about pleasure. Consider the possibility that we can make more and more space in our bodies for more and more pleasure. In my experience, the path of pleasure is infinite.

I know I sound radical here, but it’s actually OK for you to feel good. In fact, it’s a necessity if you want to enjoy your life at all. Feeling good shouldn’t be an exception – but rather a birthright.

Yes, let’s occupy Wall Street – but let’s also Occupy Pleasure.