Santorum’s Abortion Position: Rape is Justified if it brings forth life!

I heard several interviews with Rick “The Sanatorium” Santorum last week. They were particularly infuriating to my feminist sensibilities. I find it hard to believe that he actually says what he says, completely on the record, on national TV. His anti-female position on abortion is crystal clear to me now: rape is justified if it brings forth life!  
The crazy part is that he’s in hallowed company – according to religious doctrine. Rick and God share the same depraved position: women should never have a choice when it comes to their bodies.  They believe that the hard line of “no abortions ever” is doing the right thing – no matter the circumstances.

By this line of reasoning, it actually makes sense to rape. Why bother with “doing the right thing” of fatherhood when you can just go rape some random women.  It’s God’s will, so obviously it’s a win/win/win/win.

First, it’s a moral win for God. He knows raped women actually deserve what they get because of their slutty dress, thoughts or behaviors. Secondly, it’s another win for God, because you are helping God test the faith of the rape victims. In this sense, you touch his heart when you rape. Thirdly, it’s a win for you and your amazing genes because they carry on with literally no investment on your part – other than mere teaspoon of rape sperm. And finally, it’s a win for the victims who receive a beautiful, new baby life to care for. In Rick’s words, that life is “God’s gift.”  If that is God’s gift – then it’s official – God hates women too!

When it comes to God, perhaps we believe we have no choice. But when it comes to who we vote for, we most certainly do.