Spring Break for Priests: Pope Gives Go-Ahead for Protected Sex With Gay Male Prostitutes

condom crossIt’s Spring break for priests, as the pope gives the a-OK-go-ahead for protected sex for gay male prostitutes.

It’s about time priests have a more appropriate, pope sanctioned sexual outlet, since newly released documents show that the former archbishop-cum-pope failed to appropriately deal with a known pedophile priest, further fueling allegations that the pope was directly involved in covering up child molestation accusations.

This most recent cover-up case has been slow to develop since the story broke last March, partially because the current archbishop, Reinhard Marx, was upgraded to cardinal status by the pope, and declared the abuse matter “settled.”

Marx is covering the pope’s ass, and the pope is returning the favor – by indirectly sanctioning condoms for male prostitutes.

Since Ratzinger recently came out of the closet with the idea that condom use may be appropriate for gay male prostitutes, some people have declared it a “stunning comment” for a pontiff who has blamed condoms for making the AIDS crisis worse.

To me, it’s simply self serving. Even the pope recognizes the potential for further bad publicity for the Catholic church from word getting out about priests who have been infected with HIV.

It may also be a resignation by the pope to the reality that priest-celibacy just isn’t working.

You see, regardless of the pope’s claim of moral authority and direct connection to god, the reality is he is just an out of touch, delusional, creepy guy – who at least has some apparent understanding of the plight of gay male prostitutes and their, uh, “clients”, which I find particularly curious. How exactly did “god” consult him on this issue? I’d like to read the transcript of that conversation.

The statement seems to be a not-so-subtle code to priests around the world that if they really need sex, they had best stay away from kids, and stick to gay male prostitutes. Furthermore, if they are going to fuck gay male prostitutes, they had better do it safely.

Of course the pope is the first to point out that he doesn’t regard condoms as a real or moral solution, but in this case, he does feel it would help in reducing infection.

I see.

I think it’s appropriate to point out here that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Look, I’m happy he’s kinda, sorta, backhandedly promoting condom use for his inner circle, because priests, cardinals, and popes are human beings too. And, like so many of us, they are completely twisted up about their true sexual wants, needs, and desires. Since they have lacked a healthy outlet, with open-minded, consenting adults for exploring their sexual desires, they have often expressed themselves sexually in socially destructive ways.

I assert that those of us educators who have some understanding of the long term effects of sexual abuse and sexual repression have a responsibility to speak out.

In my opinion, it’s time for Pope Benedict XVI and The Catholic Church to admit their human fallibility, as well as the disasters of their past mistakes – especially when it comes to protecting children – and promoting protected sex.