Sweetness is God, Right?

I was talking with a friend this past evening about his belief in God. Personally, I don’t care what people believe. If they want to believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa, that’s cool by me.However, when a friend is trapped in some kind of strange reality – which the belief in God is –  then I do feel compelled to make a few distinctions in their thinking to help pull them out of the God delusion.

My friend said to me, “how do you explain the human desire to find God? Don’t you think God put that in us – to drive us to find him?”

“No,” I said unequivocally, “definitely not.”

Here’s why: that’s like saying “Sweet” put the drive in us to eat sweet things. Sweet created the incessant drive to know sweet things.

The sweet sense developed to get us to eat ripe fruits – which tended to be safe to eat. There is a sweet, vanilla flavor to mother’s milk. Sweetness is a sense. The sense has been taken advantage of by the food industry, which has added sugar to nearly everything in order to increase sales. People don’t eat things they don’t like. Even though it’s healthier for us as a culture to not put sugar in everything, unsweetened things don’t sell as well as sweetened things.

Did the food industry create the sweetness sense? No.Sweetness is a sense, the food industry takes advantage of this affect to sell more products.The desire to know the unknown is mammalian.  Even the smallest of mammals has the drive to explore, to take risks, to know the unknown.We humans have taken exploration to a whole other level. Our ability to explore, to know the unknown, to seek new experiences has led us to thrive as a species, to literally take over the planet.  The drive is there. Religion has simply taken advantage of the preexisting drive to explore the unknown.

Then religion twists the metaphor. It says that God creates the drive. It says that the answers are inside of us. It says there is no other explanation for our desire to know the unknown. God is the reason for the drive.

That’s bullshit. The drive is there. Religion has co-opted it to get more members and sell more products. Like the food industry, religion is big business.

But there is no magical god truth inside you. Your brain has no more access to hidden, mysterious, magical information, than a psychic. And all psychics are bullshit – because there is no hidden reality.
We can thank Plato for that load of horse-crap.  But that’s another blog.There is no absolute reality. There is no Divine Reality. These are metaphorical ideas created by our own brains.To put it in a nutshell: god is a metaphor that our brains have taken as reality. We believe that the symbol, the metaphor, is REALITY.We believe that the symbol is the cause of the drive rather than a byproduct of the drive.

We seek meaning. We seek understanding. We constantly create theories and think the theories are absolute truth.

There is no such thing as absolute truth. In order to get free, we must free ourselves of the belief in absolutes.

There are only theories and beliefs overlaid upon our inability to conceive that life could just be – which is the way it really is.

Life is. Everything else is  a metaphor, a story, a myth.