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Occupy Pleasure

Here’s my big question today: what is the opposite of pleasure? This week I thought I would share a frame shift that I use in sessions and in workshops. It’s a powerful change in the way we view our sexuality, our bodies and our pleasure.Let me first say that, if you are like a majority of the people of the …

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Ten Functions of Spiritual, Religious Mythology

Here is a concise definition of mythology: sombody else's religion. A concise definition of religion is: misunderstood, concretized mythology. To put it another way, human beings are, quite simply, born too early. We have to do nearly a quarter century of our development outside of the protective custody of the mother's womb. In fact, humans don't fully finish developing until their mid 20's.

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The Smell of Presence

Here’s the essence: The idea of presence is based on the erroneous idea that you can somehow exist in an altered state of consciousness that is in tune with hidden existence – true reality. And that this so called presence is something different – in fact better that what other people’s normal state of awareness is. So I’m in yoga …

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