The Problem is The Belief in the Invisible Man

The problem in the Fort Hood shooting is not the problem of the Major enacting a religious killing. The problem is that culturally, we condone a continued belief in the invisible man with hundreds of different names world wide – god.

Culturally, we’re a god fearing nation. We condone six billion people’s  hallucinations about religion and god. Then we blame the shooter  because of his odd “religious beliefs”.

The problem is not him, the problem is that we condone these crazy religious beliefs in the first place.

We must begin a global rehabilitation from the drug called god. We can begin rational discussion about our chemically induced feelings and beliefs, that cause events like 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, and the Fort Hood shootings. The situations change, but the underlying causes are the same.

It’s time for us to use this shooting as an opportunity to discuss the fact that if we condone a global belief in the invisible man, we will continue — on a global scale — to have religious attacks that pit one made up invisible man against another made up invisible man – each with a similar disposition and a different name. Each asking its hallucinating followers for submission and bloodshed.