There is no God. Really.


There really is no god.



We are the kind of animal who “believes” – but we don’t need belief to have life. Life is. That is certain. It does not need an animator. It has happened without outside cause. This I know because I have meditated for 30 years and I have discovered NOTHING outside of my brain that exerts “invisible causation” on life.


Plato had it incorrect. Life isn’t pointing to the unseen. There’s actually nothing invisible to see. Yes there are shadows on the cave wall… but they are all inside our own brains.


Like Plato’s brain, my brain is incredible in the sense that it can’t determine the difference between reality and fantasy. Yet I am a critical thinker and a scientist first – so I have no problems calling BS when I see it in Plato or myself. My brain is terrible at discerning fact from fiction, but my critical thinking factor is pretty good.


This critical thinking led me to the reality that god is an overlay that humans put onto life to make us feel good about the fact that nobody is home and nobody is running the show. There is no unseen hand. However, there is life and death. You can live with this reality, or you can play childhood santa games. It doesn’t matter much one way or another since the outcome is exactly the same… We die.


It’s worth being happy while we are alive, since that makes our individual experience feel better. But at the end of the day, it really makes no difference to the outcome. Happy, sad, rich, poor. We die.


Furthermore, everything that “believe” to be important, that we value, is made up stuff that we believe has INHERENT value. But it doesn’t.


Subduction will ensure that literally everything truly value as absolute Truth, or anything else that has ever existed on planet earth will cease to exist at some point.


So what we are left with is a whole, big delusion about value that sways on the idea that things have inherent meaning – which they don’t.  We individuals add meaning to everything. Our perception adds value to everything. Then we believe in the thing that we made up. That’s the really big delusion of culture, religion and life in general.


And even fairly good critical thinkers get lost in the delusion of meaning. The reality is that nothing has inherent meaning or value. Our inherited culture defines much of that for us. Then we believe it’s our own thoughts. But alas, they are not.

The level of drivel that posts to Facebook everyday – platitudes of people preaching – just think good thoughts, just believe, and everything will be just fine. Except for everybody else who it isn’t fine for. And it’s their fault anyway because they just didn’t believe hard enough. This Polyanaish thinking – that good things happen to good people who think good thoughts – has replaced the word “god” or “jesus” with authenticity, intention, and light-workers.


Yet god does not, nor did it ever exist. Nor will it ever. The good news is that you can relax about Armageddon and the return of Jesus. You can relax about heaven and hell. None of these things exist. They are metaphors at best, and complete lies at worst.

If you want to lead a better life, do more things that you enjoy doing. Have more experiences that you enjoy having. Lead the life you want to live because, at the end of the day, that’s all you have. This is life. You are living it right now, as you read. And at some point, this will cease to exist. That’s just reality.