These are Special Times in History. Not.


I wanted to write a quick blog about the “special times” we live in. So much of our cultural mythology is born from this idea that the times we are alive in are more special and important than any other time in history. That ascension is near.


If you are familiar with the ascention movement, it posits the idea that vibrations and frequencies on the planet are changing and that some people’s frequencies are rising. Good people. These frequencies lead people to believe that they will rise above the fray of “unconscious”, evil humans – and essentially will be saved from the inevitable destruction of the earth.


These people often have this self important, judgemental aura of spiritual superiority. Personally, all I can do is laugh. Much like I laugh when I see a child pretending to be a fairy prince or princess. It’s sweet, but it’s a completely made up story.


Here’s why. The time we live in is only special to us. People have been dealing with all the same issues that we have since the beginning of culture. Because the only point of reference we have is our own, we believe we are therefore important.


It’s as if we are all walking around with a flashlight in the darkness – and whatever the beam points at is the “most important” thing. Of course what the beam points at is arbitrary, and insignificant in the sense that there is an entire universe that exists outside of the light beam.


Our conscious mind is like the flashlight. It’s beam of awareness is like a pin prick – especially in the context of the time the universe has been in existence.


Not only are we not important, but we will cease to exist entirely. For all intents and purposes, we are already dead. Our life is less than a flash. Yet, to us who are living this life, it seems like a significant eternity, more important than any other time. But it’s not.


There is no “raising of consciousness” because the whole idea of there being an evolution of consciousness is a myth – a fairy princess story. Nothing can “raise” in an ultimate sense because there is no place to go to.  Of course we can be moved in the individuality of our life, but it has not meaning other than what we give it.


I want to lead a happy life, but I also know that no matter how I lead my life, the outcome will be the same as every other person who has come before me. I will cease to be – in any form. The machine will turn off, and I’ll never know. One day, just like this one, I will no longer exist.


The universe doesn’t care about your frequency, because the whole idea of higher and lower frequencies is really just a religious idea that came about thousands of years ago. It’s made up. By a bunch of dead people. A hierarchy of nothing.


You can only “raise your frequency”  in your own mind. In other words, you can think thoughts and make you feel good or bad. But most people who are trying to raise their frequency are just trying to be “good” people so that they can get into their version of heaven – which is also just a made up story.


The people who I meet who believe in raising consciousness tend to be riddled with anxiety about life in general. They struggle with their sexual desires, with their needs and wants. They tend to be super judgemental spiritually arrogant people who believe they are on some special, unique life path.


The bottom line is that ascension is a myth. Nobody is ascending anywhere. There is only that your body will shut off at some point – and you will have no awareness when it does.


In this sense, if you are one of those people who believes in this fairytale, I invite you to relax. Take the pressure off. There’s no place to get to. No place to go. Your life is a tiny beam of the most narrow flashlight – pointing into the dark.


You and me, we are insignificant. Less than insignificant really. All of this stuff that we worry about is less than important. Everyone who has ever lived believes their life is “the most important life.” That’s just a flaw of the human brain. If we don’t have an emotional reference point, then to us, there is no meaning. In other words, because you have not lived somebody else’s life, your life seems to be the most important life, alive at the most important time in the history of all history.


This is just a delusion of your mind. Your life is no more or less important than any other life. And at some point, your life will cease to exist forever.