Watch What You Witch For

Here’s the problem with mythological thinking; It’s a completely made up reality, taken and defended as TRUTH, that leads to a bizarre, magical thinking about life in general. But most importantly, mythology is a suppressive tool used against our psychological, scientific, and sexual freedom.

In an extreme example, in Saudi Arabia this week, a man was sentenced to death for being a sorcerer. He was a popular ‘psychic’ on a the satellite television station Sheherazade, and was picked up when the religious police recognized him on a pilgrimage in the holy city of Medina.

To me, the best defense in his case was that he was arrested at all. How could someone with real powers not foresee his own demise?

In Saudi Arabia, the ‘crime of witchcraft’ is used to suppress all sorts of unholy behavior by threatening state-sanctioned executions for those deemed guilty. The battle to uphold the mythological virtue in the ultraconservative kingdom falls to the religious police – a kind of religious gestapo.

The same battles wage here at home, and though death sentences are not yet handed out, the stakes are just as high. They revolve around control and suppression of our most basic sexual freedoms. In our country, it’s the DOBJ that does the policing: The Department of Baby Jesus. WWJD is the moniker people use in the name of virtue and righteousness.

It works because as humans, we are not born to think critically. We simply accept whatever people tell us. Education and questioning is seen as a direct threat to moral authority.  Yet to admit that there is no magic, no sorcery, no psychic powers, no unseen forces is to admit that our ultimate invisible man may not exist. To accept one, you have to accept it all, and you start truly sliding down a slippery slope.

When people tell me that so and so is a great psychic, I start out the interview with the prospective psychic the same way. I ask for tonight’s winning lotto numbers – because frankly, that’s about the only advice that makes any sense.


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