When God Was A Personhood

Republicans are moral, pure, godly people. Truly. And when I think of the creators of The Personhood Act, and presidential hopefuls like Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, and Perry – all of whom support The Personhood Act – I think of God-like men.

And God is a man, after all.

The Personhood Act claims to be based on biological facts, so it’s no wonder why it overwhelmingly passed last week in the Oklahoma Senate by a vote of 34–8. According to The Personhood Act, it’s a “biological fact that life begins at conception.”

The big problem of the “biological fact” of when life begins is that in reality, it’s a philosophical argument dressed up like a fact. There is no definitive science behind when exactly life begins. This “fact” is actually an interpretation.

However, our Republican hopefuls believe in this interpretive pseudo-science – regardless of the facts. They believe in the religious interpretations of preachers, priests, and popes. If elected, they intend to legislate national policy based solely upon flimsy philosophical arguments and fantastical pseudo-science claims – all dressed up as god’s little laws.

This was proven yet again during the now infamous testimony of clergy men, given last Thursday on Capitol Hill, regarding the Obama birth control benefit. The big question on millions of peoples lips that day was “What’s wrong with this picture? Where are all the women?”

The bottom line is this: when it comes to women, religious men – who in many cases have limited first hand experience with women at all – supposedly know all about what’s best for women’s wombs and bodies. Our lawmakers are then expected to enact these interpretive moral laws and make the rest of us abide. However, when it comes to the reproductive rights of women, there is something seriously wrong with this picture.