Why “The Secret” is a bunch of BULLSHIT.

Medieval science was largely based on authorities from the past, rather than observations in the present.
Our rules, laws and morals are based on a completely made up spiritual story about the struggle of good over evil made up from the past. Yet the true power of myth is that, despite all the incredible human science and insight that have appeared in the last 1000 years, erroneous stories about the struggles of good over evil persist in structuring and organizing our laws and politics to this very day. Prayers to nothing guides us to nowhere in particular.

As a planet, we are lost in the delusion that there is “Absolute Truth” out there, in the heavens above; lost in a vast illusion of the way we were taught to think about life.  There is no doubt that religion and spiritualism can not answer the big questions.  But we have a good chance, if we apply scientific logic, to keep going until we have the answers.  Science will discover the secrets of the universe at some point in the future.

Imagine that we did understand everything.  If our theories were consistent and agreed with our observations, we could be confident that we could make useful predictions and have control over our very existence.  This ability to understand and manage external conditions and the universe around us can be provided by science which ultimately means this: we will be in control of life and death.  In essence, we are already partially there.

We need to stay away from myths and pursue clear-truth until we achieve it.

Think about the simple myths you live by everyday, many of which can be dangerous to your psychological health.

As I write this blog, it’s holiday time, and that means it’s time for trite “positive thinking” and “attitude of gratitude” statements. Basic religious thinking.

I was talking with a client who was so twisted up in her head by the endless conflicting “godly” ideas in her head – given to her by other people. For one thing, every one of her friends was talking to her about how she should “control” her “negative” thinking.

She said to me, “our thoughts create our reality, so I’m terrified of what my thoughts are creating for me.”

I stopped her and I said “prove it. Prove to me that your thoughts are creating the reality you are living!” It reminds me of when we were children and we tried not to step on the crack and break our mother’s back. This is completely delusional thinking. This is the thinking of childhood – not adulthood.

I ask you to ask yourself the same question. Prove to me that our thoughts create our reality. It seriously is the most ridiculous, magical thinking blather I have every heard.

The fact is that we have multiple simpletons living inside our head – added all up together, we call this the mind.

These various brain simpletons are adaptations that have differing roles. As I mentioned earlier, the pre-frontal cortex is most responsible for rational thinking. The limbic system for processing emotions.

When the limbic takes over, we can find ourselves in a potential world of pain. Especially if the limbic systems’ mental, fear processes continue unabated, through over-thinking, sleep deprivation, conflicted thoughts, and more fear about all of the above. It is possible for the limbic processor to stay stimulated and quite literally –  not quit.

I see this a lot when it comes to certain types of mental illnesses. But I also see it in normal people who have been brain washed by the idea that life is a struggle between good and evil. It is a struggle between different parts of our brains for sure, but there is not one part of the brain that’s inherently evil – it just feels that way and seems that way.

Here’s why.

That part of the brain, the limbic / emotional brain understands symbols. It’s the limbic brain that loves all of those cute symbols on your desktop computer. It’s your limbic brain that loves (or hates) nudity.

But it also process emotions symbolically. There are very scary symbols that circulate – like little movie loops – in the limbic brain.

They are dark, shadowy, frightening. Scary movies tap into that part of the brain too. The limbic brain simpletons see blood, violence, death, destruction.  In some ways it’s obsessed with these things – and they sit there – just beneath the surface, all the time.

With this kind of deep emotional thinking happening 24 hours a day, if out thoughts really did created our reality – we would all be dead. Death by monsters, Armageddon, conspiracies, and zombies.

That’s because one of the core tenets of “positive thinking” is that to tap into God, we need to speak/visualize things with emotion – and that’s the stuff that gives thoughts their magical power – heartfelt repetition.

Well there is nothing more powerfully emotional and repetitive than the limbic system’s fear thoughts. So, if our thoughts really did interact with reality, you wouldn’t be reading this book.

Here’s the other problem; spiritual people tell us to meditate, to calm, to over come our negative thoughts – which is impossible. Especially if we are told to stop having those thoughts all together.

Science tells us – and it’s well studied – that this is a nearly impossible feat.

Stop thinking of the pink elephant. Now. Don’t think of a pink elephant. Stop it.

You can’t. In fact the more emphatically that I tell you to do this, the harder for that little simpleton part of the brain is to stop.

The key technique: go with the flow of your thoughts. Give those dark, scary, evil, dangerous, even murderous thoughts, a chance to breath, to express themselves without repression. That’s what makes this technique so amazing.

If we drop our mythological non-sense – and we can begin to give some inner space to those dark, evil, scary voices we can come to realize that they are simply symbols – generated by the lymbic brain – that exist only in our heads.

In other words, thinking negative thoughts can become a beautiful, even empowering experience.  Give the negative thought a chance to breathe, and suddenly, you have freedom to expand, to make space, to relax, to let go and just feel.

Be like a scientist when it comes to your thoughts.

The judgemental, religious maniac concept leaves us stuck in the endless struggle of good over evil thoughts.

The reality is, every action, no matter what it is, is bad for somebody. Everything. The Secret of the secret is that there is no secret. it’s a bunch of bullshit. It’s Judeo-Christian beliefs that replace Jesus, with “the secret”.

There is no law of attraction. Gravity is a law. Attraction in a bunch of non-sense that adults continue to believe. We love a universe of trite-isms – cute little bundle of bullshit that we can throw at one another and beat ourselves senseless with.

The struggle of good over evil thoughts is a way to keep us mentally juvenile, stuck in Santa Clause thinking – where Santa Clause/Terminator god is monitoring our thoughts to make sure we are good little boys and good little girls – or else.

The only way to rid ourselves of “negative” thoughts is to make an incision in the brain – separating the limbic system out. Which will effectively render life meaningless – since we understand all kinds of things in life through our emotional body.

We have to step into adulthood at some point and take the reigns of our lives. We have to flow with thoughts and realize that every bad thought in our heads is nothing more than a shadow projected on the inner screen of the mind. There is no monster under the bed, and there are no evil thoughts. There are just thoughts and symbols in the limbic brain that are nothing more or less than clouds in the sky.

Once we treat them that way, we can come to our senses.

We are adults. It’s time to treat ourselves that way. The thoughts in our head are not “good” or “bad”. They are just thoughts, no more or less meaningful then what you ate for breakfast a month ago.

We believe our thoughts are important, and real, because of the bullshit we’ve been fed by delusional people like the Hicks – who believe they are really channeling an entity, Abraham.

Abraham is a delusion in their judeo-christian brains. Abraham has replaced Jesus, who replaces Mithra, who replaced Horus, and so on.

Myths are myths are myths.

Let’s drop the whole struggle of good over evil myth so we can get back to the business of just living life like sentient adults.

Life is. Is that really so difficult to grasp?