Words as Mythological Constructs in Your Brain. Words Are Entire Myths

Words attach themselves to mythological constructs in your brain. Mythology clouds. Clusters of brain activity that create meaning.

When I am in a deep, meditative state, I can actually symbolically watch a person formulate a word, a question, and see the web of clouds of interconnected thoughts, concepts, myths  attaching to the word all of the emotional, mythological meaning- content that comes with that word or question. All of the moralizing, the good and evil of the content of that word actually attach to the word itself. That is how you know what a word means.

I was at dinner with my cousin discussing this, and she noticed that when she says the name of her friends, let’s say several of them are called Bob, each friend feels different.  Therefore the same name B-O-B, doesn’t feel like the same name. The same arrangement of letters has an entirely different feeling in her body, and therefore is a completely “different” name to her.

You do this with everything.

EXERCISE: For example, what does the word RED mean? If you closely watch the feeling of the word RED come together in your psyche, you can see that the word without feeling means nothing. To interpret reality, it’s important to attach some chemistry of meaning to the idea. Words with no meanings are irrelveant.

So, basically, any word that you think is not, in and of itself a word unto itself – standing alone as a actual three dimensional thing. Instead, it is a trigger, an anchor point in the brain, for a profound mythological construction, which in itself is a profound emotional / chemical trigger.

In other words, there are no words without stories. There are no words without myths attached like parsites. To have a word without myths is almost an impossibility because each word – in and of itself – refers to the entire field of experience. Each word or concept represents something that has happened or is going to happen that takes you to a place where the very act of formulating the idea pulls forth, brings forth an “energy” – that takes you on a chemical journey inside your brain and body – a chemical cocktail that creates the sensation of feeling, connection, emotion, and meaning.

The brain is an associative organ. This means that when  you think of anything, your brain makes connections to everything else that’s related to that anchor symbol – the word. This helps give the word “meaning” to you – which is another way of saying the symbol attaches to chemistry which creates feelings. So when you think about any word, you immediately get all of the associative symbols, then feelings, sensations, and chemicals in your brain and body. So, the very act of formulating and referencing the anchor point of a word – by definition brings forth the feeling about a word which is in itself a mythology. Your feelings that attach and associate to a word is your story – and that story is a myth. It’s manufactured by your brain.

This mythology cloud creates chaos, drama, pain and suffering for anybody who is trying to do something as simple as see or feel directly because to see or feel directly is almost an impossibility when the words themselves become the filters and the forms that divide the world into good and evil and right and wrong.  Everything that happens becomes an assessment of what is right or what is good and what is bad and what is wrong — based on the very words that you’re using.  Does that make sense?

So, using the word itself creates a moralizing of the external and internal world.  It’s dividing up the world into this is good, and that is bad. It is the act of thinking about anything is the moralizing and changing the very way you look and feel about life. So, the words and how you formulate them become the very things that get in the way of your clear perception. That is how it happens. Or, maybe there is very little “clear” perception of anything. And that brings us to all that has been claimed by the realms of religion and spirituality.  This psudo-science that we call spirituality is telling you how to see clearly – whatever the “ism” is – which is nearly impossible – except in certain brain states where you are able to percieve yourself percieving. What you believe, you spirituality is irrelevant. It’s the ability for the brain to percieve the act of perception that is relevant. This just takes some guidance and practice.

So, in summary, “the word” whatever that is, formulates and calls forth a kind of psychological construct that pulls you into a mythological adventure simply by the act of using the word. This is a process that we have to train ourselves against quite frankly. How to see clearly without mythology. How to speak clearly, see clearly, and begin living a life that is mythologically free.

We are beginning the process of untangling the neuro-network of our brain.